FlashBack Change Log


Version 1.1.0.  Released 10/01/16

Boot Camp: Extended decks (in-app purchase).  Every position from Walter Trice's Backgammon Boot Camp, and more.

Racing decks: Learn to count and evaluate long and medium races (no purchase required).  

Save positions to Favorites for easy review.  

Stats page shows progress from last session.  

Show selected decks on home page; clear all decks.  

Toggle outcome distribution for all plays.

Cube error-size color coding.

Simplified, consistent navigation.  

Context-dependent Help.


Version 1.0.2.  Released 07/13/15.

Opening Replies decks (in-app purchase).  Money, Gammon Go, Gammon Save, DMP.

Sample Opening Replies deck (no purchase required).  

Link to Opening Replies paper.  Summary of Replies paper in Help files, including list of Exceptions with analysis (no purchase required).

Store page.  Restore purchases with confirmation (in case of re-install, or installation on new device).  

Error-size color-coding.  

Day / Night themes,  

Deck info available from home page.

Fixed external headers / footers for faster (cooler) page navigation.  

Coachmarks for better onboarding.  Initial pop-ups removed.

Improved start-up and performance.


Version 0.2.1.  Released 11/30/14 (Android only)

Fix for scrolling bug in Android tablets.


Version 0.2.0.  Released 11/9/14

Initial public release for Android and iOS devices.

Free content:

  • Opening Roll (Money, Gammon Go, Gammon Save, DMP).
  • Two- and Three-Checker Bearoffs.
  • Match Equity Table
  • Take Points

Browse mode (view each card once) / Train mode (Spaced Repetition optimizes study time).

Tap on a play to see it demonstrated on the board

Swap position to view Cube Action from Doubler's or Taker's perspective

Multiple board themes.

Adjustable animation speed.

Practice pip-counting with Show / Hide Pips