Introducing FlashBack!

Backgammon Flash Cards for Android and iOS.

Updated with all the Opening Replies!

Boot Camp: Extended available now!

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FlashBack helps you absorb essential backgammon information, regardless of your skill level:  

  • Beginners: Learn the right plays for all Opening Rolls.
  • Intermediates: Learn to count and evaluate Races.
  • Intermediates: Learn the Opening Rolls at different scores.
  • Intermediates: Learn Two and Three-Checker Bearoff Cube Actions.
  • Experts: Learn the Match Equity Table and calculate Dead-Cube and Live-Cube Take Points.
  • Experts: Learn all the Opening Replies for money and at score (requires in-app purchase).
  • Experts: Learn all the crucial reference positions in Trice's Backgammon Boot Camp.
  • More decks coming soon!

FlashBack presents flashcards according to an optimized learning algorithm. Each card shows a question.  Tap on the question to see the answer.  Choose Hard, So-So, or Easy to rate the card.  In Train-mode, cards marked as hard will be shown more often than cards marked as easy.


  • Save positions to Favorites for easy review.
  • Multiple board themes
  • Adjustable animation speed
  • Error-size color-coding.
  • Day / Night themes
  • Practice pip-counting with Show/Hide pips
  • Tap on a play to see it demonstrated on the board
  • Swap position to view Cube Action from Doubler's or Taker's perspective
  • Hints!  Backgammon theory organized by topic.
  • Learning Algorithm customizes your experience to your needs

Powered by PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile, and bgLog, the backgammon graphics engine.

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